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Excellence in Research

"The Faculty of Law, Business & Economics contributes through global thinking and the networked action to strengthen the research and technology position of Upper Franconia for international competition."

Research Centers

Research at the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics is of particular importance and sets future-oriented priorities. The close link between law and business characterizes the faculty's profile and is also reflected in research. Numerous interdisciplinary research centers address the interfaces between law and economy and combine the research work of both departments.

INTERDISCIPLINARITY: Innovation by Crossing Borders

Since scientific problems and innovative solutions do not know any disciplinary boundaries, the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics of the University of Bayreuth increasingly emphasizes interdisciplinarity. This approach plays a crucial role in research and teaching. The faculty combines law, business administration and economics under one roof. Health and Sports Economics, Industrial Engineering as well as International Economics & Development and Philosophy & Economics set innovative accents with their interdisciplinary approach.

Individual Research

Research in the field of law and economics predominantly takes place at the level of the chairs and professorships. Research is carried out at each chair and professorship on specific issues of the research focus of the chair/professorship. Depending on the problem, the researchers collaborate on specific topics with their colleagues. This works well on an informal level and is so flexible that institutionalization in the form of formal working groups or research alliances within the faculty is unnecessary. An insight into the respective research topics of the individual chairs and professorships can be found on the respective websites (see overview individual research).

Focus Areas

In addition to their individual research, the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics plays a key role in two faculty-spanning focus areas of the University of Bayreuth: 

In addition to the professors and junior research scientists, important institutions of the faculty's research infrastructure such as the BF/M and the research centers are also involved in these profile fields.

Publications and Discussion Papers

An overview of the publications published at the RW faculty can be found in the EPub.

The discussion papers written by faculty scientists can also be found here.

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