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Business Administration

Business Administration (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science)

Business administration at the University of Bayreuth is characterized by a basic orientation yet flexible specialization opportunities in the Bachelor’s program. Flexibility and particular specializations are also trademarks of the Masters’ degree program. Optionally, a special preparation for the accountancy exam can be chosen. In addition, since 2015, the University of Bayreuth and the Beijing Institute of Technology provide a German-Chinese dual degree program for undergraduate business administration.

Study Portal Business Administration 

Auditor Option in the Field of Business Administration M.Sc. Studies

Since the winter term 2010/2011 the students in the Master's program of Business Administration at the University of Bayreuth have had the opportunity to shorten the accountancy exam by up to two examination areas in accordance with § 13b WPO (German Code of Civil Procedure) by providing certain examination services which are recognized by the examination office of the Chamber of Public Accountants as equivalent to the written and oral examinations in Applied Business Administration, Economics and Business Law. Are you interested in this opportunity to expand your degree with additional services? Then inform yourself here!

Health Economics (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science)

The health economics degree program offers the opportunity to combine economic and medical issues and deal with specific economic challenges in the healthcare sector.

Study Portal Health Economics 

Sport, Business and Law (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science)

The degree program Sport, Business and Law is located at the interface of business administration, sports and law. This degree program is based on its interdisciplinarity and internationality, tradition and ability to innovate as well as its pronounced coordination and network concept, which is strongly anchored under the Bayreuth coining of sport economists.

Study Portal Sport, Business and Law 

Ohio Double Degree - Sport, Business and Law (Bachelor of Science)

Since 2018, the University of Bayreuth and Ohio University have offered outstanding students from both institutions the opportunity to pursue a double degree in sports management at two of the world’s leading universities in this field. Sports are highly competitive and emotional, and they fascinate people all over the globe. The mass appeal of sports also means that there is a high demand for well-trained sport managers. In these times of digitization, globalization, and commercialization, there is a growing need for interdisciplinary experts in sport management. With this in mind, the University of Bayreuth and Ohio University address distinctive challenges facing global industries.

Please find more information about the double degree program here. 

Finance and Information Management (M.Sc. with Honors)

Since 2015, the master's program FIM has been introduced and aimed at Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Business Informatics, Business Administration and Engineering or related degree programs.

Study Portal: FIM 

Business Administration and Engineering (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science)

The course Business Administration and Engineering combines business administration and engineering science. The students acquire commercial and technical knowledge.

Study Portal: Business Administration and Engineering 

Digitalization & Entrepreneurship (Master of Science)

The master program Digitalization & Entrepreneurship combines a scientific and practical profiling at the interface of digitalization and entrepreneurship. Due to its unique content, the program offers the best conditions to promote the founding of start-ups, to actively shape the transformation of incumbents, and to advance relevant research at the interface.

Study Portal: Digitalisation & Entrepreneurship

Media Culture & Media Business (Master of Arts)

The master's program Media Culture & Media Economy combines interdisciplinary media sciences, media history, media management and media computer science while aiming at graduates of various disciplines.

Study Portal: Media Culture and Media Economy 

Executive Masters Courses

Academics with professional experience obtain the opportunity to complete an intensified academic training within the further education programs at the Campus Academy of the University of Bayreuth.


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