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Law (State Examination)

The University of Bayreuth is considered one of the best locations in Germany for law studies. In relevant rankings, the Bayreuth training regularly occupies top positions. Bayreuth also uniquely offers additional training in economics and the additional study of technical science, with which law students can sharpen their legal profile additionally and sustainably.

State Compulsory Material and Individual Study Design

The degree program Law (State Examination) aims for a comprehensive training in the three legal core areas: criminal law, civil law and public law. You will be optimally prepared for the First Juristic State Exam. The University of Bayreuth offers you a wide range of specialization areas in addition to the state compulsory subject matter. In accordance with the interdisciplinary approach of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics, the focus areas offered have a strong influence on business law. 

11 Focus Areas   

  • International Rights
  • Intellectual Property and Competition
  • Companies, Capital and Structuring
  • Companies and Taxes
  • Companies and Work
  • Business, Medical and Tax Criminal Law
  • Markets of the Digital World
  • Regulation and Economy
  • Environment and Economy
  • Food, Health and Economics
  • Human rights: History, Contexts, Universalization

Further Information: Study Portal Law 

Additional Qualifications - Opportunities for Practical Application!

In addition to the main studies, law studies in Bayreuth offer two focuses in both working practice, and additional study-related qualifications:

English Legal Curriculum

In keeping with our University’s international outlook and the global nature of legal practice, here at Bayreuth we offer our students the possibility of undertaking courses from the English Legal Curriculum; a comprehensive suite of legal courses delivered in English with a view to improving your understanding of foreign legal systems as well as your legal English language skills. Besides an introduction to the methods of common law and the general principles of international public law the curriculum encompasses seminars in contract law and international environmental law. Additionally, seminars of the African Law Curriculum can be attended. For further information please consult the English Legal Curriculum website

German-Spanish Bachelor Degree in Law

In addition, the University of Bayreuth offers a German-Spanish double degree program in law since 2014. This enables students to acquire the Spanish "Grado en Derecho" at the University of Pablo de Olavide in Seville and the "Bachelor of Laws" (LL.B.) from the University of Bayreuth after eight semesters.

Further Information about the Double Degree Program

Law and Economics (LL.B.)

The new Bachelor degree program "Law and Economics" combines interdisciplinarity, innovation, practical relevance and internationality. It offers a wide-ranging, well-founded legal and economic education and prepares for work in commercial enterprises such as banks, tax consulting firms and auditing companies. The legal and economics courses as well as examinations of the study program are largely identical to the lectures that have to be attended and taken in the first four semesters of the state law degree program "Law". This interdisciplinary concept is unique in Germany and offers graduates of "Bachelor of Laws" (LL.B.) promising prospects after graduation.

Further Information: Study Portal Law and Economics

LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers

For foreign students, the University of Bayreuth offers a postgraduate degree program, which requires at least two semesters of proper study at the University of Bayreuth. As a degree, you will receive the internationally renowned LL.M.

LL.M. Sports Law (University of Bayreuth)

At the campus academy of the University of Bayreuth, the university offers the opportunity to study the intra- and interdisciplinary postgraduate course "LL.M. Sports Law (University of Bayreuth)".

Contact Persons

Subject Specialist in LawHide

Subject Specialist in Law

Ass. jur. Tina Maria Steiner, Wirtschaftsjuristin (Univ. Bayreuth)

An die Fachreferentin Rechtswissenschaft können Sie sich wenden, wenn Sie spezifische, inhaltliche Fragen zum Studium der Rechtswissenschaft an der Universität Bayreuth hinsichtlich Aufbau, Ablauf und Planung haben.

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