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The degree programs Economics, International Economics and Development, International Economics and Governance, as well as History & Economics are all offered within the field of economics. A comprehensive basic education and the development of analytical skills are essential. With specializations in the fields of model theory, international economics, governance, health economics and business administration, the economics master programs leave plenty of scope for individual focus.

Economic Courses:

  • Economics (B.Sc./M.Sc.)
  • International Economics & Development (B.A.)
  • International Economics & Governance (M.A.)
  • Philosophy & Economics
  • History & Economics (M.A.)
  • Development Studies (M.A.)

Economics (Bachelor of Science; Master of Science)

The study of economics qualifies students to develop adequate solutions wherever social, entrepreneurial or even personal goals are not realized to the desired extent. Relevant economic problems can be found, for example, in goods, services, labor and environmental markets, in the restructuring of the social network or in the creation of new markets such as new media, telecommunications, transport and health. Economists are needed wherever it comes to solving structural problems. Especially in Bayreuth, the economists are ideally prepared for their later professional life by practical teaching with reference to current economic problems.

Study Portal Economics

International Economics & Development (Bachelor of Arts)

The course "International Economics & Development" aims to familiarize students with the mechanisms, problems and strategies of doing business in an international environment. The focus here is on economic events - above all economic and business events. Students also have the particular opportunity to specialize in areas such as sociological, ethnological or even religious and cultural studies in addition to economics and business administration subjects. 

Study Portal International Economics & Development 

Health Economics (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science)

The health economics degree program offers the opportunity to combine economic and medical issues and deal with specific economic challenges in the healthcare sector.

Study Portal Health Economics

International Economics & Governance (Master of Arts)

In today’s world, in which responsible interaction between business, politics and society is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to solve demanding challenges in the future, well-founded analyses of state and private cooperation are indispensable.

The master's program "International Economics & Governance" aims to convey further economic knowledge in the areas of international economics and complex governance problems. Students of the master course "International Economics & Governance" at the University of Bayreuth should study for four semesters.

Study Portal International Economics and Governance 

Philosophy and Economics (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts)

The course Philosophy & Economics combines social-scientific-philosophical with analytical-economic components and offers the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge for the structuring and organization of approaches to economic-social problems.

Study Portal P&E

History & Economics (Master of Arts)

The master’s program History & Economics offers you an interdisciplinary education in history and economics that is currently one-of-a-kind in Germany. This unique combination leads to a career-qualifying degree that enables graduates to start a career in the private sector or continue their postgraduate education.

Study Portal H&E

Development Studies (Master of Arts)

The course Development Studies combines developmental, sociological, political, geographical, and economical events. Due to University Bayreuth’s focus on Africa and the diverse research on the Global South, you can access extensive expertise. You benefit from the close interlocking of the involved departments and furthermore, have the choice of particularly intensifying one of the areas of developmental sociology and politics, geography or economics as an individual focus. The interdisciplinary approach of the course keeps you attentive and open to a theoretical and methodological diversity that you will encounter repeatedly in practical developmental-related work. Thus, you will be able to better understand and assess complex development processes.

Study Portal Development Studies

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