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Top Position in Rankings – Optimal Quality of Studies

The Faculty of Law, Business & Economics of the University of Bayreuth has held leading positions for many years in both national and international research and teaching rankings in both law and economics. Students and human resource managers in particular give graduates of the university outstanding certificates. This is expressly reflected in excellent career opportunities for the alumni of the faculty. Particularly noteworthy are the above-average study situations and the ability to study in all study programs, as confirmed by the students and the CHE ranking. In order to defend these top positions, students have an optimal learning environment in addition to excellence in research and teaching. Repeatedly, these top positions confirm the mission statement of the faculty: To develop innovative solutions for the future through interdisciplinary approaches, to promote talents and to provide ideal conditions for students, researchers and academics.


The RW Faculty brings together law, business administration and economics under one roof - and these combinations are also practiced. Health and Sport, Business and Law, Business Administration and Engineering as well as International Economics & Development, and Philosophy & Economics set innovative emphasis with their interdisciplinary approach. The University of Bayreuth strives to provide students with the academic equipment needed for scientifically sound, critical and constructive support of the operational and societal transformations. Therefore, all courses primarily convey conceptual thinking with strong interdisciplinary components.

Internationality in Focus

The University of Bayreuth is in network with more than 150 partner universities worldwide. In addition, the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics runs a highly successful guest professor program, which attracts internationally renowned researchers to Bayreuth every semester. The Faculty of Law, Business & Economics is also characterized by its cultural openness and cosmopolitanism. This is also reflected in the fact that many researchers and students from abroad actively participate in research-oriented life at the University of Bayreuth.

Wide Range of Foreign Languages

Those who aim to succeed in the course of globalization, cannot do so without mastering one or more foreign languages. For this reason, the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics attaches great importance to promoting and optimizing the foreign language skills of the students, both as part of the degree program and as part of the integrated study program. The language courses are primarily taught by native speakers and are an important part of the curriculum.

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